The Incubators

We launched Baby Warm in October 2014 with Petiatric as our incubator supplier.  Sadly, Joe Freed, the owner of Petiatric, passed away at the end of that year. We, and the entire rehabber community, are incredibly indebted to Joe for his kind heart and amazing work that will live on for years to come.

We are now exclusively using Brinsea incubators (actually called “intensive care units”).  Brinsea units are great quality, easy to clean, and have solid sides to give the babies more security and reduce the stress on them.  These units also have a digital temperature control, air filtration, an immersible bottom for easy cleaning, and a clear door so rehabbers can keep an eye on the babies.

There are cheaper incubators on the market, and certainly homemade versions can be assembled for less, but our goal is helping babies and rehabbers in the best way possible. We only want to provide safe and reliable incubators that will last for years, and that’s why we have chosen Brinsea.

A message from a wildlife rehabber about incubators:

My name is Marcia Rybak. I have taken care of wildlife for over 30 years and have been specializing in squirrels and opossums since 2001. I am currently the Executive Director of Coast & Canyon Wildlife in Malibu, California.

Everyone who deals with babies or injured animals knows how important it is to keep these animals warm at optimal temperatures. It’s the difference between life and death. That’s why incubators are an indispensable tool in caring for fragile life.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about every method for keeping babies warm. Homemade incubators using heating pads, light bulbs, fish tank heaters, etc. are dangerous and unreliable. None of these items are made for this purpose and there is a risk of fire, electrical shock or fluctuating temperatures. Homemade incubators have hot and cold spots and can turn off unexpectedly – problems that can result in death of the animals.

I prefer Petiatric & Brinsea incubators above others and this is why. The location of the electrical components makes cleaning very easy. You can dump debris then wash, rinse and disinfect the bottom of the container. The incubator is opaque so that animals feel secure – so there is no need to drape towels or sheets over the incubator. The incubators are reliable. Once a temperature is set, the entire interior stays warm with no hot or cold spots. These incubators are suitable for birds and mammals.

Naturally I want the best for the babies in my care.  Petiatric and Brinsea incubators are now my incubators of choice.