For Rehabbers Who Need An Incubator

We accept applications from permitted rehabbers, rehabbers in training, paid staff at wildlife hospitals, homecare volunteer rehabbers, wildlife rehabilitation instructors and more. Whether you have been saving wildlife for one year or thirty, we can help.

Here’s how our funding program works. You fill out the application. We post your story and photo on our website. We tell our friends. You tell your friends. Supporters make tax deductible donations. Once your campaign reaches the goal, we send you a new incubator at absolutely no cost to you. Our only request is that once you receive your incubator, you send us a photo to show donors that it is safely in your hands.

To process your application, we need a photo of you with an animal. The easiest way to meet our photo requirement is to have a friend take a photo of you while you’re working with an animal (feeding, etc.) and wearing gloves if you are handling a rabies vector species. We can’t accept a photo of you handling wildlife in a manner that is against the policies of your state licensing agency, or photos that give the impression that wild animals would make good pets. Please don’t send us a cuddly, posed photo, or a photo of animals climbing on you or being held up to your face. We’re all in this together — we want wild animals to live in the wild and we want the public to share that goal.

If you’re taking a photo with your phone, turn it SIDEWAYS so the photo will be wide. Why is this important? We have to resize every photo before it goes on our website. When photos are not wide enough, MANY extra steps are required to prepare your campaign.

Do you have a photo that meets the ENTIRE description above and you’re ready to apply for your Baby Warm incubator?

Yes I’m ready!